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* Gimp, fringe, tassels, etc.
* Polyurethane Foam
* Natural Cotton rolls
* Polyester Dacron
* Cambric
* Adhesive sprays
* Welt cords
* Binding
* Springs
* Bedframes
* Muslin
* Casters
* bun legs
* Jute Webbing
* Burlap
* Tack strips
* Upholstery Buttons
* Upholstery Tacks
* Velcro
* Zipper Items
* And much more!

* Every style or print!
* Leather
* Suede
* Brocattelles
* Chenilles
* Cottons
* Vinyls
* Naugahyde
* Tapestries
* And much more!

With us, you will find practically every particular product or fabric that will assist you with any upholstery, furniture assembly or home project.

We have fabrics for every type of home or commercial endeavor. leather, naugahyde & vinyl, foam (polyfoam), furniture legs, furniture casters, staples, tack strips and a whole variety of upholstery products. As well as automotive upholstery fabric and materials. We offer only the best upholstery tools available in the business.

We sell our top quality upholstery supplies and materials directly to businesses and individuals. Come down and see us!

Business Hours
Monday through Friday 8 AM - 5 PM
Saturday 8 AM - 1 PM
Sunday Closed

We are located at 4820 South Vermont Ave. Los Angeles, CA. At the corner of 49th Street and Vermont. The entrance is at the back of the building, where we also have a convenient parking lot.

We have a Map available (courtesy of MapQuest ®). If you need driving directions, please try their Website.

To send us an E-mail, just click HERE! or just fill out our contact form HERE!

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